God Will Not Punish Twice

If Christ has died for you, you can never be lost. God will not punish twice for one thing. If God punished Christ for your sins He will not punish you …  How can God be just if He punished Christ, the substitute, and then man himself afterwards?

 Charles H. Spurgeon
Cited by Gregg Strawbridge, Power in the Blood

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2 Comments on “God Will Not Punish Twice”

  1. Joanne Mohr Says:

    I am so excited I can hardly regulate my breathing right now. God has slowly been raising questions in my mind about this subject. I have a friend who as given me a few Christian novels which I have loved and which seemed to flow around these ideas making me even more hungery for clear statements.

    I guessed my way to your site with random, all inclusive words and I have been feasting on the list of book titles, dates and authors along with the discriptions of each of the books. I kept going and going shopping along and reading when I was stunned as I recognized my favorite 1800’s author, C. H. Spurgeon. I have trusted his teaching now since being set free from legalism nearly 18 years ago by the Book of Romans. I am actually really just beginning to see the fullness of that beautiful Gospel message.

    I feel like an onion, God has been tenderly removing the layers, carefully protecting the fine film between each piece. Wow, awesome, beyond the wonder at each layer, He is revealing to me the true depth of His Love and Glory. His truth about Himself just keeps getting more glorious and more glorious. I am truly prostrate at His feet, at the foot of His cross. Thank you for this site, may everyone who comes be as blessed as I am.


    • sandres2k8 Says:


      Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ my dear sister. I rejoice with you. What a wonderful gospel indeed. Our Father is more wonderful, loving, and gracious than the religious system would ever have led us to believe. I am so thankful to Him that we can fellowship together in Him. Stay tuned to the site… as we have hundreds more of these “goodies” to post! Your brother, Clyde.


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