Firstfruits: The Beginning of God’s Great Harvest

The word “firstfruits” speaks of the beginning of something, or the first of the ripe fruits. The word “firstfruits” would then signify to us that that which is considered a firstfruit is not the full harvest, but it does point to the fact that there is more fruit to come. The firstfruits are not the end of the harvest, but it is just the beginning of God’s great harvest! …

God is gathering in a remnant, or firstfruits. This remnant is then to be used in the coming age to be the very manifested sons of God, which will result in all nations coming to the knowledge of the Lord. This remnant is to be used as well in the Age of the Ages, playing a part in the final phase of God’s great harvest, which will result in the gathering of all remaining things in Christ (Ephesians 1:9-11, Colossians 1:20). This will be the consummation and completion of God’s great harvest, which will result in Him being “All in all” (Everything to everyone).

We must realize that the firstfruits is not the end of God’s dealings with man, but just the beginning. According to God’s pattern given in the Old Testament, there must come forth a firstfruits company that is separated away first from the whole just as the sheaf of firstfruits was waved as the evidence that the whole harvest would follow. Rejoice! You are the firstfruits of God. Your very salvation guarantees the rest of the harvest to come.

Thomas Kissinger
The Glory of God and the Honor of Kings

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