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Infinite Love, Wisdom, Power and Justice

August 10, 2014

The fact that man was created by a God of infinite love, wisdom, power and justice, is a guarantee that such existence will not in any case prove an endless curse.

Infinite love would desire the final happiness of all.

Infinite wisdom would arrange a perfect plan which, when carried through, would secure the end desired.

Infinite power would secure all that infinite love desired, or infinite wisdom devised.

Infinite justice could be satisfied with nothing less than what the other attributes of God claimed – the triumph of good.

John Crenshaw Burruss (1821-1912)
Voices of the Faith (1887), page 156

Boundless Love

August 9, 2014

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I suppose all human affection can be worn out by constant failure to evoke a response from cold hearts. I suppose that it can be so nipped by frosts, so constantly checked in blossoming, that it shrivels and dies. I suppose that constant ingratitude, constant indifference can turn the warmest springs of our love to a river of ice. “Can a mother forget her child? – Yes, she may forget.” But we have to do with a God whose love is His very being, Whose love is not for reasons in us but in Himself, Whose love is eternal and boundless as all of His nature, Whose love, therefore, cannot be turned away by our sin but abides with us forever and is granted to every soul of man.

alexander-maclarenAlexander Maclaren (1826-1910)
The Last Pleadings of Love
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Who Would Dare Smile?

August 7, 2014

Who would dare so much as to smile, if he really believed endless torments were certain to be the portion of some members of his household? Marriage would be a crime; each birth the occasion of an awful dread. The shadow of a possible Hell would darken every home, sadden every family hearth. All of this becomes evident when we reflect that to perpetuate the race would be to help on the perpetuation of moral evil. For if this creed be true, out of all of the yearly births a steady current is flowing on to help fill the abyss of hell, to make larger and vaster the total moral evil which is to endure forever. “The world would be one vast madhouse,” says the American scholar Hallsted, “if realizing and continued pressure of such a doctrine was present.”

Thomas Allin
Christ Triumphant Page 57

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