Boundless Love

I suppose all human affection can be worn out by constant failure to evoke a response from cold hearts. I suppose that it can be so nipped by frosts, so constantly checked in blossoming, that it shrivels and dies. I suppose that constant ingratitude, constant indifference can turn the warmest springs of our love to a river of ice. “Can a mother forget her child? – Yes, she may forget.” But we have to do with a God whose love is His very being, Whose love is not for reasons in us but in Himself, Whose love is eternal and boundless as all of His nature, Whose love, therefore, cannot be turned away by our sin but abides with us forever and is granted to every soul of man.

Alexander Maclaren (1826-1910)
The Last Pleadings of Love

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3 Comments on “Boundless Love”

  1. Mike Owens Says:

    Thanks for your emails and short excerpts.
    This one reminds me of what I recently heard about Fred Rogers.
    (Who, by the way, wore sweaters to hide his tattoos he acquired as a sniper in WWII)

    When he died, his wife Sara found a card in his billfold that read:

    “I’ve never met anyone I couldn’t love if I heard their story.”

    God knows everyones story!


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