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Heisenberg and My Boss

December 29, 2015

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you. ― Werner Heisenberg (father of Quantum Physics)

My Boss is the most wonderful person I have ever worked for. He loves science. He is an atheist. He has not been given faith. Will he ever have the saving faith that gives you salvation for the eons? He might, or he might not in his lifetime. He will ultimately be saved, but that is because Christ paid in full the price for the whole human race – but for now we can just love and understand him, not hound him and tell him he is going to hell like Christendom does.

James (JD) FineJames Fine

God Is No Respecter of Persons

December 24, 2015

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Our God never has a headache. He is never worried as we worry when our plans go wrong, for His plans never do. In the working out of the divine plans, there are no contingencies. All history is pregnant with the guiding counsel of the all wise God. His purposes never fail or cave in. They never collapse. No disasters ever attend the undertakings of God. He is sovereign Lord. An experiment is an experiment because of its possible failure. God never fails, hence He makes no experiments. The doctrine of annihilation discounts our conceptions of the divine wisdom.

When our theology involves the possibility of man becoming an unanswerable riddle to Deity, and when annihilation suggests that God’s final action of human problems is their destruction, then we have lowered the thought of the omniscience of God.

We may best say that if the divine interference is absolutely necessary to the salvation of any creature, it must also be necessary for every creature. The fact that He does save one of his creatures is conclusive proof that He in time will save all of them because if He saves some and not others, a few and not all, the Scriptures which HE inspired would be nothing more than a lying mockery and deceit. God is no respecter of persons.

Alan Burns (1884-1929)
Faith Fellowship Magazine, Vol. 58, Number 1
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