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Impossible if Committed to Weaker Hands

January 30, 2016

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The Savior cannot desist from His reconciling work until every soul that God has made shall be, through all its depths, in harmony with Him. The task is vast and difficult beyond conception, and its accomplishment would be plainly impossible if it were committed to any weaker hands than those of the Son of God.

Joseph Smith Dodge, Jr. A.M., M.D., D.D.S., D.D. (1834-1921)
Author: The Purpose of God: That God May Be All in All; The Victory of Christ
Medical Doctor, Dentist, Minister
Founding Member: New York College of Dentistry
Voices of the Faith (1887)
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Beyond Conception

January 20, 2016

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We cannot conceive of a Creator Who knows the end from the beginning, One Who is Love, Who has infinite wisdom, and infinite power, giving to any being life, life which is never to end, but to continue in suffering to all eternity. The Bible does not teach it anywhere in the original languages. God’s punishments are remedial and take place within the span of the ages during which He is accomplishing the making of man in His image and likeness. Punishment will last no longer than is necessary to bring man to hate his sin and be reconciled to his Savior.

G Campbell MorganG. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945)
The Cross and the Ages to Come

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