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I Will Draw All Men unto Me

August 9, 2016

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And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me (John 12:32).

Therefore, if “all men” are to be drawn to Him, His words await their perfect fulfillment. The present age of grace does not exhaust the possibilities of His power, for, as the grand Executor of God’s will, glorious work awaits the Son of God in ages yet unrolled.

Remembering, too, that God, as the Savior of all men (I Timothy 4:9-11), wills all humanity to be saved (I Timothy 2:4) by virtue of Christ’s kingly ransom for all (I Timothy 2:6), we should glory in redemption so amazingly complete.

In thinking of such vastness of grace, we must distinguish between the immediate and the ultimate, between development and completion. Now is the fragmentary, then the complete. His way is perfect, His will supreme. May it be ours to wait patiently for Him, that your hearts and intellects will rest in His ability to bring to glad fulfillment the operations of His majestic will.

William Mealand (1873-1957)
Birmingham, England
Unsearchable Riches (1917), Volume 9
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