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Who Would Dare Smile?

November 25, 2016

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Who would dare so much as to smile, if he really believed endless torments were certain to be the portion of some members of his household? Marriage would be a crime; each birth the occasion of an awful dread. The shadow of a possible Hell would darken every home, sadden every family hearth. All of this becomes evident when we reflect that to perpetuate the race would be to help on the perpetuation of moral evil. For if this creed be true, out of all of the yearly births a steady current is flowing on to help fill the abyss of hell, to make larger and vaster the total moral evil which is to endure forever. “The world would be one vast madhouse,” says the American scholar Hallsted, “if realizing and continued pressure of such a doctrine was present.”

Thomas Allin (1838–1909)
Christ Triumphant, page 57
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Universalism Asserted
or, Christ Triumphant
by Thomas Allin (1838–1909)

This is a reprint of the 9th edition of this classic work, originally published over 100 years ago. It answers the question: Can Evil triumph finally over Good?


(#2264) 336 pages, facsimile paperback.


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Not Saved by Our Views

November 16, 2016

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Our first views of Christ, as our first views of everything, even in this world, are, and must be more or less imperfect. God knows this, if we forget it. Thank God, we are not saved by our views but by His grace.

andrew-jukesAndrew Jukes (1815-1901)
A Letter on the Doctrines of Restitution and Substitution
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The Ephesian Summit

November 9, 2016

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Ephesians is the summit of God’s revelation to us. God has removed sin and estrangement. No longer does justice withstand the purposes of love. Paul takes us back to a time long before the creation of Adam, and forward to a point far beyond the end of the book called Revelation.

andrew-maclartyAndrew MacLarty
The Prison Letters
Grace & Truth
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