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Russell H. Schaefer never asked me about my religious experience or my church affiliation. Russell was in love with Christ; he spoke incessantly of the marvelous grace of God that is greater than all our sin. Schaefer did not know that I had never understood that great attribute of God. How can anyone possibly understand what grace means who rests his security within the limits of his own moral capacities rather than in the love of God?

Russell lived in The Book of Romans at that time and, without asking whether I should like it or not, spent the days interpreting the great doctrines of that book. He did not know it, but as the Spirit of God worked mightily in him to bring out those majestic truths, He worked mightily in my heart to bring them in.

Yet, though I dared not say it (for sheer shame), as I listened I knew my heart was turning to God in a sense in which I had never understood Him. I knew I was seeing for the first time in my life the meaning of those great terms such as love, grace, mercy, justification and reconciliation. I saw that God does not demand that we beg Him to come to us, and that there is no difficulty in the heart of God but that God has indeed been seeking us all these years.

The ponderous truths of Romans 5 through 8 overwhelmed me, and I found myself believing them. I wept for the joy that there suddenly came to my heart – like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle of disassembled truth, suddenly putting itself together in one glorious picture – the truth of the sovereignty of Grace, of a God Whose very nature is love. Then I had knowledge that I was a saved man.

A. Jackson Roddy
Though I Spoke with Tongues: Experiences in and Exodus from the Charismatic-Tongues Movement
Scripture Research (1974)
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