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Every Experience Working for Ultimate Good

September 6, 2019


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Does God not love His enemies, even as He has taught us to love ours? If He fails to reconcile even one, must it not be due to a lack of love, or of power? These qualities find their source in Him! So of a certainty He shall bring circumstances to bear which shall ultimately cause all to know, with understanding, His great love manifested in the gift of His Son, and this in turn shall fill each heart with adoration and love, and praise to God.

When God’s plans for the ages of time (eonian times) have been accomplished, every experience of man will, under the guidance of His wisdom, work together with every other experience for man’s highest ultimate good, and thus redound to God’s honor and glory.

W. (Walter) F. Salter
(Former General Manager of the I.B.S.A. for Canada and Newfoundland; associate of A.E. Knoch)
Truth as I See It (1944)
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